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EVALED ® Equipment for processing metalworking and technological liquids

Metalo apdirbimo ir technologinių skysčių apdorojimo įranga

EVALED ® Geriausi technologiniai ir techniniai sprendimai nuotekų ir pramoninių atliekų valymui ir perdirbimui.

CO2 fotospaudas

EVALED ® įranga padės išspręsti šias užduotis:

  • sumažinti nuotekų kiekį ir sumažinti šalinimo išlaidas.

  • pakartotinis vandens panaudojimas cirkuliacinėje vandens tiekimo sistemoje.

  • sumažinti skysčio nuotėkį arba pasiekti nulinį nuotėkį.

  • naudingų medžiagų atgavimas nuotekose.

Evaled | Metalo apdirbimo ir technologinių skysčių apdorojimo įranga

Technologijų taikymas pramonės šakose

  • CONDOROIL energy saving products
    Using products that allow operation at 20°C instead of 50°C ensures significant energy savings, reduction of production costs and CO2 emission. Furthermore, besides reducing electricity expenses, operating at lower temperatures also provides numerous other technical advantages, including decreased water and process fluid consumption (lower temperatures minimize evaporation losses), reduced downtime after planned maintenance (no time wasted heating up the working solution), fewer contamination issues, less equipment wear, and a safer working environment (no steam formation indoors where the installation is located).   Therefore, we believe that such innovations can offer end-users significant economic and technical benefits. Below is a brief description of our products suitable for application at low temperatures. Condorcoat EC 930   Condorcoat EC 930 is a nanotechnological passivating agent for treating the surface of black metals, galvanized iron, and aluminum. The compositions of the Condorcoat EC 900 series can be used to replace outdated pretreatment processes such as phosphoric degreasing, zinc phosphating, and tricationic processing. In particular, Condorcoat EC 930 replaces the phosphoric degreasing process and ensures higher economic efficiency. The operating temperature is particularly low, ranging from 20 to 30°C. Application of the nanotechnological passivating agent Condorcoat EC 930. Features and Benefits   The composition is formulated to combine strong degreasing action with substrate surface conversion treatment. The nanoparticle layer created on the treated metal surface can be characterized as follows: Dense, hard, and durable; Uniform, consistent, and waterproof; Mineral-based; Protective. The thickness is typically about 40 nm, which is more than 10 times thinner than conventional amorphous phosphates. Condorcoat EC 930 has a low environmental impact due to the absence of phosphates and toxic metal compounds, VOCs, ensuring low energy consumption, and has minimal impact in terms of COD. Using Condorcoat EC 930 provides significant economic and operational benefits: Low operating temperature (20-30°C, lower than traditional processes); No sludge formation; Equipment requires less maintenance; Longer bath service life; Reduced water consumption; More compact systems. Condorcoat EC 930 can also be used in a one-step degreasing/surface conversion process, as the surfactants in the composition ensure the removal of oils and grease typically present on untreated parts. The composition is preferably diluted with demineralized water; both spraying and immersion methods can be used. After treatment, parts require rinsing in demineralized water. The pretreatment process using Condorcoat EC 930 is compatible with all coating application processes. Condorine SG 515 BT   Condorine SG 515 BT is a low-temperature alkaline degreaser for cast iron, steel and zink plated steel. Combination of surfactants and specially selected components ensures high degreasing ability and thorough cleaning of parts even at moderate temperatures. The special formulation prevents foaming even at low temperatures in spray systems. Chelating agents keep iron in solution, thereby minimizing the formation of precipitates. Condorine SG 515 BT is effective at temperatures as low as 20-30°C, which is 20-25°C lower than required for conventional products. After years of use, several major metalworking and industrial painting companies have highly appreciated the composition. Condorine SG 576 N   Condorine SG 576 N is a passivating degreasing agent for use under high pressure. Suitable for processing any metals and materials (alloys of black metals, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, plastics), this neutral degreasing agent is used in intermediate processing stages and high-pressure operations (e.g., for removing flash under high pressure). Special corrosion inhibitors protect processed parts from atmospheric corrosion. The non-foaming composition can be used at low temperatures. Thus, Condorine SG 576 N is a versatile product that can be used in various application areas. Condorfos K 12 L   Condorfos K 12 L is a liquid phosphoric degreaser suitable for black metal parts. It is an easy-to-use highly concentrated composition, active at 20°C. Considering the optimal pH for its operation, it does not require neutralization. This allows amorphous iron phosphate salts to precipitate on surfaces, preparing them for subsequent coating application processes. If working at low temperatures (below 40°C) is unavoidable, Condorfos K 12 L can still provide degreasing and passivating action, protecting parts from instant corrosion after drying. The composition can be used by immersion or spraying even in specially equipped open spaces, using low-pressure nozzles or, preferably, high-pressure washing installations, on large parts or heavy metal structures that are difficult to process in tanks or tunnel systems. Finishing can be done with traditional water-based coatings or powder coatings. Condorfos K 12 L can also be used without rinsing, if there are no stagnant areas on processed parts: in such cases, parts can simply be allowed to dry before painting, without rinsing. SVA 583 Paint Stripper   SVA 583 is universal paint stripping agent for polymetallic systems is suitable for black metals, light alloys, galvanized steel, aluminum, etc. Even at room temperature, this composition removes solvent-based, water-based, and powder coatings (epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl, etc.) from any metal, avoiding the use of formulations containing chlorinated solvents. With a certain exposure time, the composition removes paint layers of significant thickness, up to several millimeters, also operating at room temperature, i.e., 40-50°C lower than conventional compositions. Additionally:   It does not contain inhalation-hazardous solvents. It has a mild odor. It does not contain methylene chloride, phenols, or other particularly hazardous solvents. It is not classified as flammable. The composition can be removed by simple water rinsing. Ordinary iron containers can be used. Processed iron parts do not rust after cleaning. SVA 583 is already successfully used by several major aluminum finishing companies for profile restoration prior to repainting. When removing paint from aluminum, it's important for the product to remain non-aqueous. Condorite 796 N   Condorite 796 N is a neutral etching solution suitable for black metals, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Condorite 796 N is recommended for metal pickling even at low temperatures: it has strong etching properties and is capable of removing surface oxides and mineral residues from components. Typical applications include removing thermal oxides after laser cutting or welding, treating thick layers of rust/calamine, and removing scale and insoluble salts found in hard water. Its balanced composition and nearly neutral pH protect the substrate, concentrating the action on the contaminants being removed. This ability to avoid corrosion of processed parts provides significant variability and flexibility in operating parameters. Condorite 796 N also operates at room temperature; compatible degreasing additives can be used together. This allows etching and degreasing to be performed in one operation even at low temperatures. The product is odorless and does not emit harmful vapors. It is not classified as a hazardous substance according to the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP) with subsequent amendments.
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