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EVALED ® Equipment for processing metalworking and technological liquids

Seadmed metallitöötlemise ja tehnoloogiliste vedelike töötlemiseks

EVALED ® Parimad tehnoloogilised ja tehnilised lahendused reovee ja tööstusjäätmete töötlemiseks ja töötlemiseks.

CO2 fotoprint

EVALED ® seadmed aitavad lahendada järgmisi ülesandeid:

  • reovee mahu vähendamine ja kõrvaldamiskulude vähendamine.

  • vee taaskasutamine tsirkuleerivas veevarustussüsteemis.

  • vedeliku äravoolu vähendamine või äravoolu nulli saavutamine.

  • kasulike ainete taaskasutamine kanalisatsioonis.

Evaled | Seadmed metallitöötlemise ja tehnoloogiliste vedelike töötlemiseks

Tehnoloogia rakendamine tööstustes

  • Mechanical engineering and metalworking
    This industry uses technical fluids at all stages of the production cycle - emulsions, washing fluids, electroplating fluids and other technical fluids containing lubricating oils with a significant COD (chemical oxygen demand) level, hydrocarbons, metals and suspended solids. Even with the best management procedures, water-based technical fluids do not last indefinitely and require disposal. The following are the most important tasks in the field of utilization: Cost reduction Environmental protection Optimization of the water cycle in general EVALED® has developed wastewater treatment technologies that can process these specific wastewaters.
  • Food industry and beverage production
    Each wastewater in the food and beverage production chain presents special processing challenges. EVALED® wastewater treatment systems are ideal for the treatment of dairy industry wastewater, beverage industry wastewater treatment, yeast production wastewater treatment, as well as fruit and vegetable canning industry wastewater treatment. We know that beverages, fruit juice production, beer, spirits and distilleries have different and specific wastewater treatment needs: that's why our wastewater treatment products are also perfect for distillery wastewater treatment and wastewater from food ingredients or confectionery production processes.
  • Chemical industry, perfumery and cosmetic industry
    The chemical industry has a significant impact on the environment, as its wastewater often contains a high concentration of organic and inorganic compounds. Many substances used in the chemical industry are toxic, carcinogenic or almost non-biodegradable, such as surfactants and petroleum hydrocarbons; for this reason, the treatment of chemical industry wastewater is now more important than ever. EVALED® wastewater evaporation systems, taking into account the fact that they can be adapted from time to time in a simple and effective way to different treatment needs, are an extremely reliable and flexible technological solution, as they allow the treatment of a wide variety of wastewaters. If possible, they also enable the recovery of valuable by-products or substances that can often be reused or sold as raw materials.
  • Waste disposal, landfills and wastewater
    The leachate from waste processing is extremely polluting wastewater - it contains significant amounts of ammonia, COD, heavy metals and salinity (chlorides and sulfates). Therefore, they are difficult to recycle and require highly efficient reprocessing processes to meet very strict standards. Our wastewater treatment technologies are an effective solution for cleaning highly polluted, concentrated landfill waste, which is very difficult to clean with traditional processes.
  • Other areas
    Different industries with many different challenges. They all need to find effective and efficient solutions to optimize available resources for ever higher competitiveness and contextually comply with the strictest environmental protection regulations.
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