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Nimatic Emulsion Mixer A1605Vspecially designed for emulsion mixing and additive addition in one go. Allows easy regulation against the addition of bacterial or other necessary additives even without contact with it.


The mixing range is up to 16% on channel 1 and up to 5% on channel 2 (can be reconfigured for other purposes if needed).


Ensures correct and uniform metalworking fluid. Flow up to 900 l/h.

Equipped with two ball check valves to prevent incorrect operation.

In additionequippedvacuum valveand that will preventwater entering the concentrate.

Meets the most stringent water management requirements for category 3 liquids and ISO EN1717.



WRAS Cert. From 0312103

TÜV Cert QA051008119

DVGW NW-6312AAT2353

ACS Institut Pasteur de lille

ETA Denmark

Nimatic Dual Emulsion Mixer A1605V

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