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Metālapstrādes šķidrumu un eļļu filtrācijas iekārtas

Foodie and FOODIE II filtration equipment for metal processing liquids and oils

FOODIE is the most effective solution for fast and effective cleaning of all types of metalworking liquids from chips, deposits and other mechanical contamination.


  • FOODIE is suitable for the filtration of emulsions, oils and other technical liquids. It is equipped with a double diaphragm pneumatic pump and is able to provide simultaneous suction and filtration capacity of up to 180 liters per minute.

  • FOODIE do not accumulate liquid, they simultaneously filter and return the liquid to the production equipment in the tank, which means that it is possible to perform the purification even without stopping the production processes.

  • FOODIE effectively cleans metalworking liquids from magnetic and non-magnetic particles, chips, deposits after grinding.

  • FOODIE is mobile and easy to use.

  • Unlike analogs, FOODIE no electric motor is used, which ensures a safe and long-lasting service for the used ones. Risks of overload and sparking are completely eliminated, safe to work with magnesium (Mg) chips.

  • CNC equipment is often subject to various types of problems and damage caused by contamination of the metalworking fluid with chips and deposits. In metalworking, the service life of fluids also depends on the level of contamination. This leads to downtime, equipment cleaning and metalworking fluid changes and related expenses.

  • FOODIE primarily created for effective chip removal after turning, milling, drilling operations.

 Watch the video:

youtube| RILANOS
youtube| RILANOS
youtube| RILANOS

Advantages with the FOODIE cleaning machine:

  • Cleaning of CNC machines without downtime

  • Clean coolant

  • No coolant disposal costs

  • Reduction of production costs

Traditional way of tank cleaning:

Emulsion pumping for disposal

Extracting the tank

Removal of emulsion residues and manual tank cleaning

Tank installation

Filling of new emulsion


  • FOODIE II before cleaning the grinding fluids from micro chips and deposits.

  • FOODIE II equipped with cyclone filter and strong magnetic separator.

 Watch the video:

youtube| RILANOS
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