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Vakuuma sūkšanas un tīrīšanas ierīce

Vacuum suction and cleaning device

Nimatic Reversible Cleaner NRC-200 cleaning-suction device with reverse feed option. A special valve creates a vacuum using compressed air. Maximum safety and durability, as no rotating parts or electric motors are used. Recommended working pressure 2 Bar.​

Nimatic Reversible Cleaner NRC-200 is a quick and easy way to pump out the liquid from the machine's tank.

  • Powerful and efficient, it is possible to pump 200 liters in less than 5 minutes

  • Can be used for pumping metalworking liquids, oils and other liquids

  • Applicable for contaminated with chips, deposits, etc. for pumping liquids

  • Fits all standard drums 200L and 60L

Nimatic Reversible Cleaner NRC-200 consists of:

  1. Ball valve

  2. Reverse button

  3. "Effluent" filter

  4. Flood Stop (protects against leaks)

  5. Pipe (cut to appropriate length)

  6. Hose connection flange/Adapter

  7. Hose 1.5 m

  8. Pipe

  9. Extension

  10. Tip in narrow places

  11. Tip for cleaning the tank

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