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Magnētu filtri

Magnetic filters

RILANOS RMF Magnetic filters are an effective solution for fine metallic particles.

RILANOS RMF Magnetic filters effectively clean metalworking fluid, cutting oil, grinding oil and other technological fluids from metallic particles.

Particles that are smaller than the pore size of a standard filter material pass through the filter material. The number of small particles in the liquid is constantly increasing. Contamination with fine metallic particles leads to: reduced metalworking fluid or oil life, reduced tool life, reduced machining quality, skin problems and the spread of bacteria

RILANOS RMF removes ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles of all sizes down to 0.1 µm, which cannot be achieved with mechanical filters.


  • Significantly reduced operating costs due to longer fluid life

  • Extended tool life

  • Less wear on pumps and valves as less than 1 µm is removed

  • High processing quality thanks to clean coolant

  • Cleaner equipment, without black deposits

  • No consumables required

  • Less waste because consumables do not need to be disposed of


  • Emulsions

  • Synthetic metalworking fluids

  • Grinding oils

  • Honing oils

  • Molding oils

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