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Emulsion mixers

The Nimatic Emulsion Mixer ensures proper and uniform mixing of metalworking fluids or other fluids.

Nimatic Emulsion Mixer reduces costs, it is very easy to install and use.

The mixer works with water pressure.

 Save time and money that can be used more efficiently elsewhere.

Simply turn on the water supply when filling the equipment.

Nimatic Emulsion Mixer

  • Simple installation and simple operation

  • Up to 30% savings in metalworking fluid

  • Reduction in labor costs compared to manual mixing

  • Simple installation and simple operation

  • Durable and reliable - long service life

  • Very precise dosing

  • Mixing ratio from 0 to about 16%

  • Unique nozzle system that prevents blocking

  • Available in aluminium, brass and stainless steel

  • Equipped with two ball check valves that prevent incorrect operation

  • Vacuum valve that prevents water from entering the concentrate (models with V only)

  • Suitable for installation on all standard drums and IBC containers

  • Flow up to 4000 liters per hour

Models of Nimatic Emulsion Mixer

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