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Equipment for purification and regeneration of metalworking liquids

BEST-1 is the most effective solution for cleaning, regeneration and maintenance of metalworking emulsions

  • BEST-1 is in a unique emulsion regeneration system that includes an oil separator and an ozone sterilizer.

  • BEST-1 quickly and effectively cleans the emulsion from oils, bacteria and fungi. In addition, the emulsion is saturated with oxygen, which protects against the growth of bacteria.

  • BEST-1 will maximize the service life of your metalworking fluid, increase their efficiency, ensure optimal working conditions and a better working environment.

  • With BEST-1 You will save money and time.

  • BEST-1 is suitable for cleaning and regeneration of emulsions and synthetic liquids. It is fully automated and equipped with touch screen control panels, double diaphragm pneumatic pump, oil separator, ozone generator and compressor.

  • A built-in pH meter is also available.

Advantages with BEST-1

  • Clean and stable metalworking fluid

  • pH improvement

  • Increased service life of the metalworking fluid

  • Increased tool life

  • Occupational safety and health protection

  • Clean facilities

  • Reduction of production costs

Problems and damage

CNC machines are often subject to various types of problems and damage caused by metalworking fluid damage.

Contaminants such as bacteria and oils directly affect the efficiency and service life of metalworking fluids. This leads to reduced cutting tool life, allergic reactions, downtime with equipment cleaning and changing metalworking fluids.

Problēmas un bojājumi
CNC iekārtas bieži pakļautas dažāda veida problēmām un bojājumiem

How do these problems arise?

Guide oil or other oil leaks into the coolant

Oil coats the surface of the coolant

Coolant emulsifies and spoils

Coolant pH and oxygen number drop

Bacteria and fungi spread

Before and after using Best-1

The attached pictures show the condition and appearance of coolants or metalworking fluids when they were in a worn, poor condition and were cleaned after using the Best-1 unit.


The appearance and viscosity of the damaged, contaminated and rancid metalworking fluid may change depending on the type and amount of contaminating oils.


Continuing to use these rancid coolants will eventually cause damage to health and equipment.

By providing metalworking fluid purification and excess oil separation, BEST-1 helps you avoid expenses related to premature replacement and disposal of metalworking fluid.

Pirms un pēc Best-1 izmantošanas
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