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Nimatic Brix Refractometer for determining the concentration of various liquids.

Nimatic Auto Refractometer for testing automotive fluids.

Parameters of Nimatic Refractometer:

  • Measuring range Brix model: 0-18%Brix or 0-32%Brix 

  • Measuring range Car model: Multi-function scale 

  • Accuracy of +/- 0.2% 

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) 

  • The hidden calibration screw prevents accidental calibration and misalignment

  • Easy to read concentration under normal lighting

  • Additional lighting available (option)

Areas of application: 

Metal trade and mechanical engineering

With Nimatic Brix Refractometer you can easily and quickly check concentrations:

  • In metalworking fluids

  • In washing and rinsing liquids

  • In preservation liquids

Food industry and beverage production

Nimatic Brix Refractometer can also be used for working with liquids containing sugar. For example: juices, soft drinks, honey, wine.

Automotive fluids

With the Nimatic Auto Refractometer you can easily and quickly check the freezing point of antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and battery fluid.


Nimatic Auto Refractometer intended for work with propylene glycol and ethylene glycol based antifreezes, standard and methanol based windshield washer fluids, as well as for testing battery fluids.

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