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Reversās osmozes sistēmas

Reverse osmosis systems

Water purification systems SPECTRUM and AXEON are a complex water purification solution for any process.


SPECTRUM ROsystems developed for industrial use. The range includes 5 models with productivity from 150 to 1250 liters per hour.


SPECTRUM ROonly high-quality components are used in the systems, which ensure steadily increased performance and a long service life.


SPECTRUM ROsystems are equipped with a control panel, pressure gauges, flow meters, two TDS meters and concentrate recirculation valves, which provide the user with all the technical information necessary for performance control combined with the desired control.


SPECTRUM ROthe systems are ergonomic and compact, which ensures easy installation and does not require much space in the room. Delivered assembled and ready to connect.

SPECTRUM RO sistēmas
AXEON LP sistēmas

AXEON LP systems

AXEON LPsystems designed for industrial use with low RO water consumption. The assortment includes 5 models with productivity from 57 to 114 liters per hour.


AXEON LPworks with water pressure in the connection, is easy to install and service.

It is a very compact, pumpless system designed for wall mounting.


AXEON LP  equipped with double TDS meter, pressure gauges and valves.

Maintenance materials and service

We offer all necessary maintenance materials: Pre-cleaning filters, Membranes, Spare parts. Warranty and post-warranty service. We conduct water analyses.

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