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Nimatic Oil Skimmer2430, 2450, 2480  For removing oil spills (guides, spindles, hydraulic oils, etc.) from the surface of metalworking fluids.

Nimatic Oil Skimmer2430, 2450, 2480extends the service life of the metalworking fluid and increases its efficiency, ensures optimal working conditions and a better working environment.


Nimatic Oil Skimmer2430, 2450, 2480  are equipped with a powerful magnet for easy installation.


Nimatic Oil Skimmer2430, 2450, 2480:

• Efficiency 2430: approx. 3 l/h,  2450: approx. 5 l/h, 2480: approx. 8 l/hour

• High power 6 VA motor

• Comfortable and simple assembly With magnet

• Fast and simple oilsseparation

• Compact sizes makes it capacious almost in any CNC in the equipment

• Available full reserves shareū range

• Ribbons skimmer

Nimatic Oil Skimmer 2430, 2450, 2480

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