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Nimatic Emulsion Mixer A900V/ R900V/ M900Vensures correct and uniform metalworking fluid. Mixing ratio from 0 to about 16%. Flow up to 900 l/h.

Equipped with two ball check valves to prevent incorrect operation

In additionequippedvacuum valveand that will preventwater entering the concentrate.

Meets the most stringent water management requirements for category 3 liquids and ISO EN1717.



Nimatic Emulsion Mixer A900V- in aluminum version

Nimatic Emulsion Mixer R900V- in stainless steel version

Nimatic Emulsion Mixer M900V- brass version



WRAS Cert. From 0312103,

TÜV Cert QA051008119

DVGW NW-6312AAT2353

ACS Institut Pasteur de lille

ETA Denmark


Nimatic Emulsion Mixer A900V/ R900V/ M900V

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